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The Scenario(s)
There are two scenarios you can pick from! This way you can play the scenario that best fits your playstyle, your character and your comfort zone. Of course, these aren't the only things you can do, they're just a starting point.

Comment below with each character you want to have participate in the meme. Be sure to indicate which of the scenarios below you want to play with, just so those who are tagging you know what's up! If not one of the two below, just wing it!

Scenario One
That was some night out you had last night, wasn't it? But if that's not really your style, your night in was pretty nice. However it went, the company you had made the night even better. You're waking up, and wether you know your company or not is up in the air. Are they a one night stand or a familiar face? It'll all start coming together once you're both awake. Don't forget to find your clothes, because you certainly aren't wearing them.

Scenario Two
You wound up crashing somewhere unusual last night. Who knows why, but it happened. You were exhausted and crashed in the nearest bed possible, occupied or not. Now you're waking up and just beginning to register that you are definetly not alone in the bed you wound up in. Was it friend or foe? Do you have some explaining to do? Or was it your bed that was invaded in the middle of the night by someone unexpected? It's up to you!


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[Kanetsugu had a habit to be up early, if he hadn't to work through the whole night, that is, but since that was definitely not the case in thiw world, not yet, anyways. He would probably go to some meditation first before he would breakfast.

He opened an eye, glimpsing at what he saw besides him. A familiar face indeed, but not one he expected to wake up with. Or he shouldn't wake up with.

In the wake of a moment he was straight up.]


[ She, on the other hand, rather literally, was holding onto his arm thinking that it was a pillow. ]

N-no. Still want to... -ull this.

[ Sorry, she was still asleep and sleep talking. Hm. ]

[Kanetsugu was looking at himself and at her, fortunately for him, they were dressed. Or else he would have never forgiven himself after about being 30 years faithful to his wife.

So he shakes her shoulder lightly in a really awkward position, considering she had mistaken his arm for a pillos.]

You want to what?

[ She slowly stirs awake, blinking a few times until her vision cleared. Well, being woken up by Kanetsugu? And she still seems to be in bed, not somewhere odd so passing out and being woken up is out of the question. ]

I... huh?

[Oh, so she was finally awake. It was kind of a relief except having to deal with the awkwardness that probably caused it.]

Do you... remember what happened?

[ She pushed herself up, silently letting go of his arm. Blushing rather heavily, she cleared her throat then shook her head. ]

[He gave an awkward laugh. Okay, this was weird. Neither her nor him did remember what happened. Did he make the god of love he was serving angry that they ended up in this way?]

A-anyways... I hope nobody worried sick what happened to you...

[Just what was he trying to say anyways? He was worried and he even was with her!]

[ She didn't know what to do really, but it didn't look like it was bad right?

A blink. Sleeping here, and it looked like it was morning... Uh. ]

M-my brother maybe...

[Kanetsugu holds his head in both hands. Oh just great. Brothers are usually very protective of their little sisters. It still doesn't help he doesn't remember anything, but if he brought her to him, would he believe him? He was somebody who tried to uphold a honest life, but the people of this world didn't know that.]

He cares.. a lot about you, right?

He... does.

[ Although there was a shot pause there, with a fall of her smile even. Does he? He does, of course. ]


[He's still not looking at her. Just how awful is this? Then he realizes it might have come off wrongly and looks her directly in the eye.]

I mean, it's nice that he does! It's just...

[ She did follow his gaze, curiously and once he looked at herself she blinked waiting for the rest of it. ]


What am I going to tell him? Of course I have to tell him what happened, but the problem is... I have no idea.

[And the honor he has left commands him to do so.]

W-well... Uhm, you don't need to tell him, Bruder can overreact easily.

[ She likes him alive, thank you very much. ]

Though what do you want to tell him where you were? He will be angry with you...

[But his honor!]

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