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unendingenergy wrote in rubycity_ooc

The Scenario(s)
There are two scenarios you can pick from! This way you can play the scenario that best fits your playstyle, your character and your comfort zone. Of course, these aren't the only things you can do, they're just a starting point.

Comment below with each character you want to have participate in the meme. Be sure to indicate which of the scenarios below you want to play with, just so those who are tagging you know what's up! If not one of the two below, just wing it!

Scenario One
That was some night out you had last night, wasn't it? But if that's not really your style, your night in was pretty nice. However it went, the company you had made the night even better. You're waking up, and wether you know your company or not is up in the air. Are they a one night stand or a familiar face? It'll all start coming together once you're both awake. Don't forget to find your clothes, because you certainly aren't wearing them.

Scenario Two
You wound up crashing somewhere unusual last night. Who knows why, but it happened. You were exhausted and crashed in the nearest bed possible, occupied or not. Now you're waking up and just beginning to register that you are definetly not alone in the bed you wound up in. Was it friend or foe? Do you have some explaining to do? Or was it your bed that was invaded in the middle of the night by someone unexpected? It's up to you!


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[...This isn't his pillow!]

[With that revelation, he immediately bolts upright in bed, frazzled but alert as he blinks down at the other person occupying the bed.]

Wh... Lili?

[He should probably just...leave and pretend this never happened. But he doesn't, God knows why. Instead, he reaches down and sets a hand on her shoulder, giving her a little shake.]

H... Hey. Lili. Wake up.

[ She was actually rather peacefully sleeping for once, grabbing onto somethings that she really couldn't be bothered to know what they were in her sleep. Most likely a toy plushy or maybe a big pillow, of course? But at feeling something touching her, she shifted uncomfortable, barely opening her eyes once she heard her name.


Oh, hey. ]

What are you doing in my be-

[ Once she actually realizes what she was saying she blinked a few times, staring at him, frightened. ]

[He cringes a little as she gives him that frightened look, quickly raising his hands in front of himself, palms out and fingers spread. Is she accusing him of something? Well, he can't blame her if she is. Still, he sounds a little defensive when his reply comes tumbling out of his mouth.]

I don't know! I thought you could tell me!

[ She takes a deep breath, clinging to the bed sheet just a bit. This wasn't as frightening as she thought, but it was still odd. ]

I... don't really know.

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