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badatmyjob wrote in rubycity_ooc

1) Post with your character!
2) Other characters will comment with what they honestly think about your character. No lying, since hey - forced honesty and all.
3) ????
4) Profit!
5) Feel free to reply to the comments, too! It might help get ideas for future CR!


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Re: Lili / Liechtenstein

I love you a lot, you're like a little sister to me. I could hug you all day and want to protect you.

Re: Lili / Liechtenstein


[ She'll giggle at that, of course smiling very brightly. ]

I love you a lot, too! Brother...? I have two brothers now?

As long as you don't get hurt because of me.

Re: Lili / Liechtenstein

Uwah! You would like to be my sister? Really? Ve!

Re: Lili / Liechtenstein

Yes! I wouldn't like it any other way!

[ She has so many brothers now! <3 ]

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